Migrating to the CoinMarketCap API

This FAQ outlines answers to common questions about migrating from
the legacy Public API to the new CoinMarketCap API (Pro API).

Q: What happened to the Public API?

A:As previously announced, our legacy Public API was officially superseded by the new CoinMarketCap Professional API on December 4, 2018 and had been in a limited state to allow users to migrate before it was fully shut down on March 5, 2020. The new CoinMarketCap API is our enterprise-grade cryptocurrency API for all crypto data use cases from personal, academic, to commercial.

Q: Is the CoinMarketCap API no longer free?

A:CoinMarketCap is committed to always providing the crypto community with a robust free API and that is now through the free Basic tier of the new CoinMarketCap API. On the new CoinMarketCap API even our free users can benefit from enterprise grade infrastructure, documentation, and flexibility. If your needs outgrow our free offering you now have the ability to upgrade to our commercial use and enterprise tiers.

Q: How is the new CoinMarketCap API different than the Public API?

A:The new CoinMarketCap API offers quite a bit more performance, flexibility, and reliability than the legacy Public API. Here is a feature comparison:

FeatureCoinMarketCap APIPublic API (legacy)
LicensePersonal use
Academic use
Commercial use
Personal use
Academic use
Live market data updatesEvery 1 minute for most endpointsEvery 5 minutes
Available endpoint dataCryptocurrency: List current marketcap rankings
Cryptocurrency: Get current CMC ticker data
Cryptocurrency: Get historical CMC ticker data
Cryptocurrency: Get historical OHLCV data
Cryptocurrency: Get all current market pairs
Cryptocurrency: List all active cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency: List all inactive cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency: Get detailed metadata including logo assets
Exchange: List current marketcap rankings
Exchange: Get current CMC ticker data
Exchange: Get historical CMC ticker data
Exchange: Get current market pairs
Exchange: Get detailed metadata including logo assets
Exchange: List all active exchanges
Exchange: List all inactive exchanges
Global: Get current global market stats
Global: Get historical global market stats
Tools: Get currency price conversions
Cryptocurrency: List current marketcap rankings
Cryptocurrency: Get current CMC ticker data
Cryptocurrency: List all active cryptocurrencies
Global: Get current global market stats
Historical data accessAvailable, unrestricted historical access is available by tierNot available
Rate limitUp to 120+ requests per minute based on tier30 requests per minute
Currency conversionsAny cryptocurrency
97 fiat currencies
Up to 120 per request depending on plan
5 cryptocurrencies
36 fiat currencies
Limit 1 per request
SupportAvailable and upgradeable by tierNot available
Other noteworthy featuresDeveloper Portal with usage analytics and alerts
Cloud optimized for performance and reliability at any scale
Enterprise devOps status monitoring dashboard
Enterprise SLA available
Enterprise documentation
API request bundling endpoints
High pagination limits on endpoints
Advanced sort and filtering options on endpoints
Flexible timeseries interval options on endpoints
Subscription / API KeySubscription not required, API Key RequiredNot required
Free optionYes (see Basic plan)Yes
Q: How do I upgrade my existing code to the new API?

A: We understand that transitioning over to our new API can be frustrating at first. However, we are confident that the new API will provide you with a more powerful and flexible interface than our deprecated public API.

If you don't have an account for the new API yet the first thing you'll want to do is signup for free and create an account. We still provide a free tier for our new API under the Basic plan, which should be enough to suit most Public API use cases.

A full breakdown of all the different plan options available with the new CoinMarketCap API is available here. If you'd like to try out any of the advanced paid plans, you can do so for free by using our sandbox environment.

The new endpoint many users will want to use to retrieve price data for just one or a few coins at a time is /v1/cryptocurrency/quotes/latest. The full documentation for this endpoint, including sample return data, can be viewed here.

If you need to retrieve all of the market prices and ranks for all active cryptocurrencies in 1 call, the call you want is the cryptocurrency/listings/latest endpoint. The full documentation for this endpoint can be viewed here.

Note that along with the new API domain of pro-api.coinmarketcap.com you'll also need to input your personal API key into new API requests. This key will be generated for you when you sign up for your new account. Once registered, you can retrieve it by visiting your developer dashboard and clicking "Copy Key".

If you have more questions, check out the dedicated API FAQ as well as the API documentation and reach out to us at api@coinmarketcap.com if you have further questions.

Q: I was using the Public API with Excel, how do I use the new API with it?

A: We've had a lot of users switching their Excel integration from the Public API to the new API and finding they get all the data they need faster and with less calls. Some customers have reported having difficulties supplying the new API Key to Excel since an API Key is required with the new API.

This article provides a good walkthrough of the steps necessary to upgrade your Excel integration to use the new API: https://medium.com/@moralesgersonpa/how-to-import-coinmarketcap-professional-api-ex-excel-php-49759f10a69d